Hello, my name is Brittany and this website is for my Etsy shop, Squishbelly.

My mom taught me how to crochet when I was in elementary school, but I couldn't really get into it. I once again got into crocheting in middle school, but didn't get too far.

I picked up knitting in high school and spent a lot of my high school years just practicing my knitting. Towards the end I started to learn how to make hats. Also in high school I got into a little bit of polymer clay. I thought that was fun.

It wasn't until out of high school that I really got into crafting. I went to a special school for adults with disabilities, since I have a learning disability, and had a great chance to volunteer for a local bead shop. There I learned how to make bracelets, earrings, and rings. I really loved volunteering there. I did get my high school diploma there.

For three years after graduating the program I did a lot of crocheting and knitting. I didn't really make things, but did more practice. Now I'm pretty good at knitting and crocheting. I can make hats, mittens, cozies for cups, granny squares, coasters, wash cloths, and the such. I also love making baby items like hats, sweaters, and booties. I can crochet socks as well. I now know more than my mom does in crocheting. I don't think she knows how to knit.

I learned how to do plastic canvas and I was able to make coasters and a tissue box cover once. I still like to play around with that.

I got back into beading recently, and I was able to teach my father beading. He took off and really loved making earrings and necklaces.

I got back into polymer clay as well. I was able to mix jewelery making and polymer clay together in the sense of making polymer clay jewelery. That is a lot of fun for me.

I have started to get into sewing. I have made a few things like purses, pajama pant , a Christmas stocking, and some pillows. I have a long way to go before I can make really good sewn products. One of my goals is to improve my sewing skills to be able to sell sewn items.

Thank you for taking time and reading about me.